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Reznor sings the intro (and the final 4-line poem) as a silhouette with a microphone. The video is intercut with a bald, naked woman rotating eggs on her pinky and forefinger, spinning circus performers, a woman with a mask that has Jesus on it (who is inexplicably covered up on the MTV censored version), and also a monkey tied to a cross (also blocked in the censored version for no apparent reason except religion convictions). The amazing instrumental climax of the song is accompanied by phantasmagoric imagery that fits perfectly.

director: Mark Romanek
producer: Krista Montagna
cameraman: Harris Savides
editor: Robert Duffy
production design: Tom Foden

A (pig's?) heart provides the song's mechanical beat.

The dusty and dreary set.

A bald, naked woman with eggs spinning on her fingers.

Monkey on a cross.

Not quite as clean as the Pinion toilet...

Once again, nice specs.

Spinning (see animated GIF).

A severed pig's head, hooked on a strange spinning device.

Reznor shows off his meat.

"...I stay alive..."

Trent gets closer to God.

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