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Down In It

Reznor runs around among tall buildings in this very 80s video. Looks very similar to the "Head Like a Hole" video. He ends up flat on his back, presumably his "character" is dead, after jumping from one of the buildings.

Here's some reader feedback:

"[Down In It] was shot using helium balloons to hold up the cameras. One of those cameras got away and came down in a farmer's field, and he saw the tape of Trent lying there, and that started an investigation (short-lived, presumably) into the murder of Mr. Reznor." (1994 Details Magazine, iirc)
This video might have been loosely based on the cover for the David Bowie album Lodger.

director: Eric Zimmerman & Benjamin Stokes
producer: Jim Deloye
cameraman: Eric Zimmerman, Benjamin Stokes, Eric Koziol & Eric Matthies
editor: Eric Zimmerman & Benjamin Stokes

Reznor runs through city streets.

Looking down, after suicide.

Reznor holds a brightly light-bulbed cross.

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