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Eraser/Hurt/Wish (live)

"Eraser" and "Hurt" are played by the band, which is behind a large "scrim" curtain (the type that has a special weave so that it is opaque with light only from the front, but transparent when light shines on both sides). The curtain is projected upon by images that fit the music perfectly. (The images for this live performance of "Hurt" are actually the original music video for the song, which depicts, among other things, animals decomposing in a time-lapse.) The live performance of "Wish" is a spectacular, perfectly-coordinated light show.

director: Simon Maxweel
producer: Maryann Waldoff, Adam Stern, Laurence Novich
cameraman: Crescenzo Notarile
editor: Simon Maxwell
executive producer of live shoot: Cordelia Plunket

Reznor, behind a projection of a black & white atom bomb explosion, performs "Eraser."

Reznor on guitar.

The lights blaze in "Wish."

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