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The Perfect Drug

In the first video from the new era of Nine Inch Nails, Reznor portrays a man living in a huge Victorian house. Mark Romaneck, who also directed Closer, makes this live adaption of the artwork of the late Edward Gorey. The entire video replays in green flashes during the drum solo. (This video cost the most to make out of every other nin video.)

director: Mark Romanek
executive producer: Danielle Cagaanan
producer: June Guterman
cameraman: Jeff Cronenweth
production designer: Tom Foden

Reznor solemnly plays the piano with his left hand.

Two veiled women outside.

Reznor is half shielded by a curtain.

The veiled women outside, near a broken sculpture.

Trent's young alter-ego walks over a large hand sculpture.

Reznor, walking stick in hand, poses in the wind.

Lurking under water...

A vulture stares on.

Reznor, arms crossed, in front of a large machine.

Reznor screams within the hedge maze.

Preparing his "perfect drug" martini.

One of the flashes during the drum solo. This particular one is of the vulture.

Absinthe... The perfect drug? (Absinthe FAQ)

With Reznor on the roof, doves fly from the attic.

In the gazebo pool again.

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