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Never before seen, at least to the best of my knowledge. (Was rumored to be played at some clubs.) This strikingly strange video, which seems to be set to a short version of "Sin," has Reznor, with short hair, in a large spinning harness. Even more peculiar is the naked woman spinning the machine and watching him with a flashlight. The letterbozed video also has some strange man with a wig on, dancing with rope, and another woman with a dog. Go figure.

director: Brett Turnbull
producer: Sarah Bayliss
cameraman: Brett Turnbull
editor: Brett Turnbull

A woman and her dog. Strange.

Trent in one of those spinning things.

The woman again, with a man in the background.

Trent looks over his head after the naked woman (in background) increases his harness's speed.

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