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Behind the scenes

Reznor, in front of another projection.

Robin Finck.

In one of the final sequences on the first tape of Closure, there is a scene with Trent Reznor putting on lipstick. At one point he seems to do a kind of head-butt to the camera. However, there's a split-second image of a bloody face. What the hell is this from? You can notice it in the beginning "Self-Destruct" intro to the same tape as well. This doesn't appear to be from the Broken movie... what is it from? (Update: I seem to have found out: see below.)

The subliminal image.

Another subliminal that promptly follows.

Readers have informed me that these are from the video for "Burn," which apparently has similar subliminal techniques. Unfortunately "Burn" (from the Director's Cut version of Natural Born Killers) is not on Closure. Here are some small pics from the "Burn" video, which are similar subliminals flashed near the end of the video. (Sorry, I don't have any larger images.)

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