director: joseph f. cultice
editors: songs: candie ass corellie, julie bundie berg;
b-roll: chris hafner (brass knuckles productions)
propeller productions
cameras: zepp savini, jimmy lanza, manson, twiggy, zimmy, fluffy, joey cultice
post production super fox: lisa knapp
special thanks: 500-buns chung, pola weiss, april, rutt video, zepp
aditional instrumental music by modonna wayne gasey (sic.)

marilyn manson: vocals, guitar, pan flute
twiggs (sic.) ramirez: bass
pogo: keyboards
ginger fish: drums
zim zum: guitar

touring crew: gary grosjean, john zucker, aaron dilks, garrett renz, masi williams, larry sapp, eathan weber, mike nastassi, lawrence upton, chris schleyer, steve wjoda, greg "grit" frederick, tony giampaolo, john van eaton, matt hartman, kevin briers, brad judd, joseph "zepp" savini
management: tony ciulla, silvia garcia
special thanks: alex kochan, david codikow, debbie morrison, jay sendyk, john a. malm, jr., ann brubaker, jeff anderson, jennie boddy, diane mayer, edwin camacho, paul cambria, max mueller, emma banks

live performances - angel with the scabbed wings - lunchbox - kinderfeld - sweet dreams (are made of this) - apple of sodom - the beautiful people - antichrist superstar - irresponsible hate anthem - rock n' roll nigger - 1996

behind the scenes - picketers, protesters - backstage 1 - backstage 2 - bible - trashing the set & each other - backstage 3

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