directed by: Jonathan Rach
concept: Trent Reznor
executive producer:
John A. Malm, Jr.
Nothing Records, Inc.
produced by: Adam Stern for Acme Filmworks, Inc.
addition footage directed by: Jeff Richter
Director of Photography: Jonathan Rach
Supervising Editor: Jeff Richter
editors: will godby, Chris Osterhus, Jonathan Rach, Scott Richter, David "Sketch" Sketchley
editorial assistants: Michael Bouchet, Brian Boyd, Tracey Browne, Frank Lagnese
production manager: D'arcy Mastrangelo
Nine Inch Nails:
Charlie Clouser
Robin Finck
Danny Lohner
Trent Reznor
Chris Vrenna
James Woolley

Thanks to Nine Inch Nails Special Guests: Die Krupps, Fem2Fem, Hole, Marilyn Manson, Melvins, Pig, Pop Will Eat Itself, Prick, The Jim Rose Circus, Treponem Pal, Type O Negative

live performances - terrible lie - piggy - down in it - the downward spiral - all the pigs, all lined up - the only time - hurt (with david bowie) - something i can never have

behind the scenes - concertgoers, manson, trent's dog, concert preparation - discussion of delaying a show - sound tests, shaving robin finck's head - getting food, the jim rose circus - woodstock 94, trashing sets, a fan - the crowd - more anarchy, fighting, songwriting - david bowie - sightseeing - final shots and subliminal -

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