the collection of videos:
director: Peter Christopherson
producer: Fiz Oliver
cameraman: Simon Archer
editor: Peter Christopherson & Scott Richter
production design: Mike Grant
executive producer:
John A. Malm, Jr
Nothing Records, Inc.
Special Thanks:
Jeff Anderson, Steve Berman, David Bowie, Ann Brubaker, Paul Conolly, Hank Corwin, Sheria Reise Davies, Renee Dodson, James Dowdall, Erin Gilligan, David Johnson, Sam Kirby, Bob Kubic, David Lynch, Diane Mayer, Lynn McDonnell, Jacqueline McPherson, Tina Montalbano, Fiz Oliver, Michael Papale, Brian Pollack, Cordelia Plunket, Rodney Robertson, Brenda Romano, Jay Sendyk, Adam Stern, Oliver Stone, Mary Sweeny, Rick Szekelyi

Those interested can find more information about Closure's disturbing Thomas Edison film segment.

head like a hole - sin - down in it - pinion - wish - help me i'm in hell - happiness in slavery - gave up - march of the pigs - eraser/hurt/wish (live) - closer - the perfect drug

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