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There are currently 8 articles in our collection of news stories somehow related to Tetris. If you've come across a news story of interest that you think we should reprint here, submit one.


Lettered blocks spell a new challenge for Tetris fans
  Cathy Kunkemueller from PC Magazine, Feb. 25, 1992.
A review of the interesting Tetris "sequel" entitled Wordtris.
Cornell students jailed briefly, on virus, Trojan horse charges

Henry Norr from MacWEEK, March 2, 1992.
A story about a computer virus distributed under the name "Obnoxious Tetris"

The GDAT: Fictitious Game and Digital Aptitude Test for testing presidential candidates

Gregg Keizer from OMNI Magazine, Nov. 1992.
Suggests testing possible American Presidents by their skills at games -- including Tetris.

Industry continues to play Healthcare Super Tetris.

Damon Braly from Health Management Technology, June 1996.
An article that uses the concept of Tetris as a metaphor for the healthcare industry! Hahaha!

Putting the puzzle pieces back together: Alexey Pajitnov has a new game plan for Tetris.

Monika Guttman from U.S. News & World Report, June 10, 1996.
Mentions some of Alexey's post-Tetris plans to conquer the gaming world.

Geeks "R" Us: Spectrum Holobyte finally turns successful computer games into profits

Joseph R. Garber from Forbes, Dec. 30, 1996.
Some positive financial talk of Spectrum Holobyte - unfortunately hardly any mention of Tetris.

Tetris Pressures Game Act-Alikes

Judy DeMocker from Wired News, Dec. 4, 1998.
A story on the rightful persecution of mindless Tetris clones.

Tetris takes over tower block

Damian Carrington from BBC News Online, April 19, 2000.
A building-size Tetris game at Brown University.



There are currently 3 essays in our collection of writing. If you wish to submit an essay related to Tetris, we'll gladly post it here.

 - Tetris: Not Just a Game by MC Lenin

 - Tetris: My Oldest Friend by Jose Pahati

 - Tetris and Game Boy: The Portable Aspects of Tetris by David Brailsford


Nova also has some reviews of unofficial non-console Tetris clones that shall be posted here.

Some future ideas we're working on for essays:

 - Is Alexey God?

 - Thoughts on Tetris 2

 - Spirituality Pt. 2: Tetris as a Metaphysical Portal

 - Thoughts on Dr. Mario and Kirby's Avalanche

 - The Importance of Soda Popinski in Tetris Competition History

 - Tetris as a Proper Noun and its Importance in the English Lexicon



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