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Hare are some Tetris-related links the Tetris player may find interesting. If you wish to submit a Tetris-related link to us, we'll gladly post it here.


MEGA64 Tetris Video

Hilarious interactions between a friendly L piece trapped in meatspace. (Courtesy of


"Harsh Realities"

A talking Ass Block? This must be a Philosophical Computer Animation!


Keeping the spirit of AMERICA alive and well, here we have a politico-tetral analogy more far-reaching than any words could describe! Pledge your allegience and have fun at the same time!

La Bastille

The Technology House at Brown University, which displays the world's largest fully-functional Tetris game currently in operation. (Related article)

Scout’s Online Tetris

Some free unofficial Tetris derivatives

Tetris Lovers

An extensive fan site regarding both official and unofficial Tetris derivatives.

The Tao of Tetris

A profound analysis of the Tetris phenomenon, definitely worth reading over a few times.


An archive of freeware and shareware games, all blasphemous clones of our holy game.

The official website of the Tetris Company. Lots of propaganda concerning recent, official derivatives (actually, sequels) of Tetris.

The Unofficial Game Boy Tetris Page

While its language is particularly conservative, and although it focuses on the Game Boy derivative of Tetris, this is a great source of information.

Learn Tetris in 21 Days

A sort of educational site, but with style.

Tetris: The Movie

A humorous "movie" based on a fictional Tetris scenario.

NEScrophilia 2000

A website embracing the sexual tension between most players and their Nintendo Entertainment System consoles. Some of this stuff is quite funny and somewhat similar to the Tetris Taxonomy.



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